Manifesto (noun): a written statement of a
person or group’s beliefs, aims, and intentions.

We consult with and mentor visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and small teams in developing businesses that positively impact their employees, teams, clients, customers, and community.

At the heart of our work, we guide our clients to:

  • Embrace what it is to be imperfectly and beautifully human,
  • Honor our profound connection with each other and the planet,
  • Strive for authenticity and transparency in all interactions,
  • Advocate and work for a more equitable and just world,
  • Thrive through creating and innovating,
  • Redefine what prosperity is,
  • Be aware of and attentive to our own biases,
  • Create inclusive and safe environments and spaces,
  • Cultivate diverse and engaged communities,
  • Inspire hope and possibility in the idea that we are enriched by our differences and better together.

GUIDED by a desire to be of service

FUELED by heart-centered collaboration

ENERGIZED by creating, innovating, and contributing

INSPIRED by the personal transformational of growing a business

PROPELLED by the mindset shift towards plenty, flow, and gratitude

ENRICHED by inclusivity, the beauty of diversity, and creative expression

heart and business go together

Yes, we do believe
and business go together.

whole heart
heart and business go together
love notes

“Amanda is a force for positive change! She uses her intelligence, her experience and her uncanny ability to see the bigger picture to skillfully move any project in the most strategic direction. She possess that rare combination of qualities that people with purpose are often drawn to: a deep intelligence, empathy, kindness, and an unwavering commitment to making this world a better place.”

-Sara Van Fleet, PH.D | Associate Director of the Southeast Asia Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

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