Who we are, and what we stand for.

Our values frame

Some moments on some days, this value can be the most challenging to live into and work from, and yet, it is the one that the Wholehearted Team prioritizes over all others. Being gentle with ourselves and each other — especially in moments when we feel emotionally distressed is the most powerful thing we can do to create more space for understanding, communication, and to build relationships that help us thrive.

We do our work from the inside out, and taking good care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing is how we take good care of you, your team, and your business. It’s our individual and collective practice to prioritize being well so that when we say YES!, we can be all in.

Individually and collectively, we aim to live bravely and to act in alignment with our values. We encourage each other and our clients to acknowledge our fears but not be held back by them, to use our voices, share what’s true for us, say the thing that needs to be said and to dig deep to do good by and for others.
We are living through complex and challenging times. Reflective of our community, the members of the Wholehearted Team are living with and working through many of the social challenges our communities and the world face at this time. Our lived experiences inspire us to show up with compassion and optimism so that each of us — individually and collectively can be a source of good for each other, our clients, and our communities.

We are a choice-based collaborative team. That means we choose to work with clients who align with our values and know the benefit of working collaboratively and as a team. With each new project we take on, we re-choose working with each other. What we’ve experienced time and time again is that our individual and collective work is elevated when we contribute to the creative process by approaching our work with openness, and by sharing and receiving input, ideas, and feedback.

We’re an activated and eager-to-learn bunch, each doing our individual work and also together as a team to understand how we can contribute to healing the injustices in our communities, country, and the world. We recognize and take seriously the responsibility we have in the roles we hold in our business and aim to use our positions of privilege and influence to center marginalized communities, businesses, and people. To learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, please visit our DEI Services Page.

At the heart of the way we approach our work and interactions with our clients and each other is with curiosity. Only when we show up with open minds, open hearts, and a sincere desire to learn and understand can we truly solve the puzzles our clients seek our guidance and support with.

The heartbeat and soul of Wholehearted Business is service. Each of us on the Wholehearted Team chose the work we do because we derive meaning and experience fulfillment in contributing to the growth and expansion of others. We are in business to serve our clients and each other and know that this is the most meaningful thing we can do to positively impact our own lives, our businesses, and our world.

We believe life is school, and being alive is an opportunity to grow our capacity for love, empathy, service, and contribution. Choosing entrepreneurship and running a business is choosing to pursue higher education. We inspire create-ive thinking and activate forward momentum to help our clients realize their dreams and fulfill the vision they hold for their life and their business.

Beyond our declared Values,
we welcome and appreciate the opportunity for
personal and collective growth that each new project inevitably offers.
When we bump up against experiences that challenge us,
we remind ourselves of the benefit of approaching relationships and
the creative process with grace and graciousness.

It is this attitude of openness and compassion that helps us create safe environments

where we learn from our individual contributions
and our shared collaboration.

There is a special kind of magic and ease
that happens when we we work with
people who share our values.

love notes

“Amanda is a delicious blend of kindness, patience, generosity with a perceptive, creative, strategic mind and rock solid business savvy! She has the ability to engage her clients with perfect pacing, coaching and accelerating their creativity as she holds them to task for necessary business development! She easily works with seemingly disparate thoughts and ideas to amplify or gently contain them, synthesize and integrate well formed concepts into gorgeous representations of a client’s golden thread – that significant *through line* of their reason for doing great work. I’m forever grateful that I found Amanda to help me best express my unique message in this noisy world. I know you will be too!”

– Elizabeth Crouch | Wellness Advocate, Catalyst, & Educator

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