We believe if you’re going to invest time, energy, and financial resources into anything —
if you’re going to say, “yes”, be all in.

Simply …

Choosing to bring your whole self

with sincerity, enthusiasm, and commitment is
living and doing business the wholehearted way.

After years of wholeheartedness being the north star for our business, we’ve found that it’s definitely a calling. The work we do and the way we do it requires individual and team qualities of openness, unbridled creativity, a genuine desire to contribute, and a rare kind of enthusiastic determination to be of service.

It is this approach that invites authenticity, instills trust, inspires collaboration, and builds relationships — which is how we consistently deliver results that resonate with our clients and guide them in fulfilling their vision to make a positive difference through business.

The soul of Wholehearted Business is steeped in service, intention, beauty, and community.

We guide the path of our entrepreneur and small business owner clients through the development and expansion process who deliver services and products that make things better for people and the planet. We know the transformational opportunity for our clients that is persistently present in business and delight in their personal and business growth that occurs when they stay engaged and open in throughout the development process.

We mentor our clients in understanding, embodying, and practicing a ‘plenty and flow’ mindset and model this philosophy and approach throughout our work with our clients. We are well-traveled in navigating the prickly and uncomfortable parts that we refer to as ‘the alchemy of developing a purpose-focused business’, and provide a stable and sturdy place for our clients to lean into when they hit the inevitable bumps that challenge their vision and test their resolve.

One of the most meaningful facets of our work is guiding our clients in uncovering and refining their capacity as inspiring leaders, effective strategists, and attentive stewards of their businesses.

It’s a special kind of human that chooses to work with a business that leads with a word like ‘wholehearted’. The beauty and brilliance of waving our values flag high and proud is that we tend to attract people who live and work by the values that add up to wholehearted living. We are a team of business mentors, visionaries, strategists, digital creatives, and artists who choose and rechoose working together with each new client and project that comes our way.

We individually and collectively enjoy our work and contribution and appreciate the challenge and opportunity offered with each new opportunity to clarify, beautify, and amplify our client’s work. We embrace our humanness and believe in taking good care of ourselves, each other, and our beloved clients. We’ve learned over the years that when we put people first, the business part is easy, more effective, and definitely more enjoyable.

With over 100 years of combined business development, digital strategy, content development, and social media management experience, we’re proud to offer mastery-level skills in each phase of starting and growing a business.

Amanda Winn lottery

If I won the lottery today, I would continue to do this work. It’s the work I was born to do. Each year that passes, the work is more meaningful, innovative, and impactful than the year before. That I have the opportunity to work with clients I deeply respect and enjoy, and a team I profoundly admire and appreciate is ‘work’ at its very best.

Amanda Winn

Founder of the
Wholehearted Business Team,
Client Mentor, & Creative Director

We realize the dream of our business each day we have the opportunity to work with visionary leaders, social change artists, and entrepreneurs who see the synergy and alignment of their personal growth path and their professional purpose. What inspires, moves, and motivates you matters to us. We want to know you, know where you derive meaning in your life, and how we can be part of supporting you in creating greater fulfillment in the expression of your business and work in the world.

If you see the value of growing your business as a transformational opportunity for yourself, your team, and your clients and customers, then Wholehearted Business could be the collaborative partner you’ve been looking for.

Our role is to provide you with the professional, strategic, innovative, and compassionate mentoring, to help you uncover, articulate, design, and develop your vision, and to bring your business dream into resonant form.

Your vision and your story

We’re here to help you sculpt it and share it.

love notes
Heather Plett headshot
“The highest praise that I can give Amanda and her team is that they are exceptionally good at holding space for new or growing businesses. When we launched the Centre for Holding Space, it was essential that we work with people who understood our work on a soul level, and Wholehearted Business not only met all of our criteria, they exceeded our expectations. When you work with Amanda and the team, you will feel loved, cared for, supported and challenged. You will have much more than a business development company – you will have champions, advocates, friends, coaches, cheerleaders, sounding boards and artists working brilliantly on your behalf. Your own work will become even more beautiful, to you and all who see it, when seen through the eyes of this incredible team.”

-Heather Plett | Author of The Art of Holding Space: A Practice of Love, Liberation, and Leadership and Co-founder of the Centre for Holding Space


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