Thank you for your interest in joining the Wholehearted Business Team. Currently, the Digital Marketing Specialist position has been filled. However, if there is something special you feel you can  bring to the Wholehearted Team and the information regarding the role, responsibilities, and requirements resonates for you, please follow the NEXT STEPS instructions below.



We offer full-service business development solutions through collaborative partnerships with our entrepreneur, small business, and B Corp clients, who are doing business differently.

We guide, support, and amplify the vision and work of entrepreneurs and small business owners through the business development process who deliver goods and services that make things better for people and the planet.

With over 100 years of combined business development, digital strategy, SEO, content development, social media management experience, and business operations, we offer mastery-level skills in each phase of starting and growing a business.


We are a global team of heart-centered business strategists and creative professionals who work together to create award-winning brands, online spaces, and content for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners that are changing lives, families, businesses, communities, and the world and are dedicated to growing business for good.

We’ve exceeded the capacity of our current team and are seeking IMAGINATIVE, CREATIVE, and UNIQUE individuals who are eager to bring NEW, DIFFERENT, and INNOVATIVE ideas to our team and in support of the variety of client projects we take on.

There are members of the Wholehearted Business Team that have worked together for over ten years. We love the work we do together on behalf of our new thought leader and changemaker clients. We believe the relationships we have with each other are as important as the meaningful and beautiful work we create together.

To advance our commitment to racial equity in our community and creating more culturally diverse work environments, we’re especially interested in growing the Wholehearted Team by welcoming interest and inquiries from people of color, LGBTQIA+, gender non-conforming, and differing abilities, who have experience in digital marketing and or as a creative professional.

We are inspired by big-hearted, open-minded humans who naturally lean into and trust their intuition, the creative process, the value of collaboration, and what it means to truly be of service in business.

*And if you happen to have a sharp wit and the exquisite gift of well-timed and well-placed humor, that is an enormous bonus for our crew.

We are a group of grown-ups who care … a lot.  We care about each other, our clients, the work we do, and how we show up.

The talent and expertise of the Wholehearted Team include:

  • Start-up, expansion, and rebranding business strategy and planning for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners
  • Digital, online, and local business development strategy
  • Diversity equity, and inclusivity training, and leadership development
  • Website design, development, and maintenance
  • SEO and Google Business tools strategy and consulting
  • Social media strategy, branding, community building, and engagement management
  • Storytelling videography and photography
  • Small business operations consulting


Wholehearted Business is seeking a new team member to join our collaborative and creative team to assist with a variety of digital marketing tasks. Following is a list of the personal and professional characteristics that will benefit you as a member of our team and support the growth and success of our work on behalf of the businesses of our visionary clients.


  • Relationship-driven attitude
  • Trustworthy and experience in managing confidential information
  • Easy to work with demeanor, sense of humor, and a caring approach in written, verbal, and video communications
  • Clear, coherent, and service-oriented communication style
  • Resourceful, creative, and collaborator at heart
  • Previous experience assisting solopreneurs and small business owners
  • Commitment to delivering high-quality work consistently
  • Exceptionally high level of attention to detail
  • Self-starter, strong time management skills, ability to be responsive and prioritize time-sensitive matters, and exemplary follow-through
  • Able  to quickly adapt to new technologies and software platforms
  • Ability to take creative direction and feedback
  • Strong business acumen and writing skills
  • Dedication to personal and professional development
  • Direct experience in the skill areas outlined below


  • Intermediate-level experience working with:
      • Slack for Team Communications
      • Click-up for Project Management
      • Zapier Operations Automation
  • Advanced experience working with Google Workspace, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides
  • Intermediate-level experience working with:
    • WordPress
    • Divi Theme Builder
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Canva
      • Experience in creating and editing digital images for social media platforms 
    • MailChimp
      • Create templates (setting color, style, and all elements for the campaign)
    • Social Media Management
      • Creating and editing social media graphics
      • Posting
      • Later
    • A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile optimization (GBP), and Google Analytics tracking (GA) tasks, including:
      • Understanding of marketing best practices and how they impact Search Engine Optimization, including: 
        • Knowing a client’s target audience
        • How to help clients educate with content
        • Prioritizing SEO: Let data drive your creative
      • Basic knowledge of Google Business Profile guidelines and best practices to help clients avoid common problems, including changes to information or, in some cases, removal of business information from their GBP
      • High-level problem-solving ability, including how to analyze Google Analytics and Google Business Profile insights and brainstorm ideas to advise clients on how to develop content that speaks to, connects with, and educates their target audience to accomplish their growth goals
      • Experience with keyword research and how it can increase or decrease the ranking of Google Business Profiles, website content, and blog articles
      • How to compile monthly SEO, GBP, and GA analytics reports
    • BONUSES:
      • Image and video editing using Photoshop, Lightroom, iMovie, and Adobe Premier

      [NOTE:] If you don’t have experience in a particular skill area, that doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from being a good fit for this position. If you lack experience in a particular area, we’re interested in knowing how willing you are to invest time outside of work hours to get up to speed on the platforms, programs, and apps we use in our business, and also any experience you may have with similar business tools.


  • Currently residing in Portland, Oregon
  • Ability to work both remotely and in-person
  • Schedule flexibility, with the availability to work 5 – 15 hours per week. Note that we will utilize more of your time as you demonstrate that you have the skills, capabilities, and capacity
  • Interest in growing your skill-set and expanding your contribution to the Wholehearted Business Team and clients
  • Availability to travel 1 x per quarter
  • Enthusiasm in contributing to our collaborative work environment
  • Emotional maturity and personally invested in respectful and caring conflict management and resolution
  • Ability to receive and provide constructive feedback


To start, this is a part-time, freelance position that, if you’re the right fit for the Wholehearted Business Team, the position has the potential to grow into a full-time position within 2-4 months.

Compensation is based on the depth of and length of experience in the professional skills as defined above, with room for increased compensation after 90 days, based on your performance and contribution.


If you resonate with how we roll, you have mad digital marketing skills, and also the availability and capacity to add more work hours to your dance card each week, and you would like to explore the possibility of contributing to our team, please take note of the following:

  • For us to determine if you’re the right fit for our team, it’s important for you to get to know us, so please read over our website thoroughly. If you resonate with our values and approach, please write to us and let us know why this opportunity has piqued your interest and how you believe you would be an ideal contributor to our team.
  • We are not a fan of resumes. We kinda loathe them, actually, so please do not send us one.
  • Instead, please do write a genuine, heartfelt, professional letter about why it would be a good idea for us to talk with you, about those mad skills of yours, what your availability is for new work, and anything else you think would be good for the Wholehearted squad to know about you. We value brilliant minds, grounded intuition, and big-hearted humans. We’re not so interested in buttoned-up, old-school professionalism.
  • Please do include your job and professional timeline information, so we can get to know your work experience and how long you’ve held various positions.
  • Please also help us get to know a little about you personally and who you are outside of your work and professional life. Please, no pressure here, only share what you feel comfortable with.
  • Send your letter of interest to

Thank you for your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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